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Strategy for Jan. 15, 2018: 

Fighting distraction with mindfulness



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  1. Thank you for your Feb 6. article about the grammar police. I ran across the same information when I took linguistics however, you made it simpler to understand. Unfortunately, my college English professor doesn’t see eye to eye with your statement. I will trudge on doing the writing to the best of my ability. Quick question for a post maybe, How many characters should one introduce in say the first three chapters of a novel? Currently, I’m working on a sci/fi piece and have been told too many characters were introduced. Chapter 1 (4), Chapter 2 (5), Chapter 3 (9 three were my protagonists (triplets) and her older daughter). The story will center around seven of these since one more must be brought into the story although briefly mentioned.

    • Hi Lujira. I’m glad you liked my post about grammar. I think it applies more to creative writing than to research papers, which require a more formal style, so unless you’re taking a creative writing class, I’m not surprised your professor expects a style that closely conforms to grammar rules.

      You pose an interesting question about characters. I’ll have to give that one some thought!

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